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Frequently Asked Questions



The City of Ashland requires that all, dogs and cats over 6 months of age has proof of current rabies vaccination. The City requires that all dogs be on a leash if off the owner’s property. The maximum number of animals allowed to be kept by a residence of the city is 4 cats or dogs over 6 months of age. For any animal complaints call the police, non-emergency dispatch number of 573-442-6131.

City ordinance prohibits the keeping of any Pit Bull or mixed pit bull breed.

City Boards and Committees:

The City of Ashland currently has 6 committees and boards. These are the Board of Alderman, Planning & Zoning Comission, Parks and Recreation Board, Fall Festival Committee, Board of Adjustment, and Law Enforcement Advisory Committee. For more information or to request to join these boards or committees click here.

Grass And Weeds:

The City requires that grass or weeds not be greater than 10 inches in height. All lots must be kept clear of any trash or debris that may be deemed a nuisance.To report a violation please contact City Hall at (573) 657-2091.

Business Licenses:

Any business inside the city limits is required to have a business license, prior to operating a business. For more information on obtaining a business license, please contact Ashland City Hall at 573-657-2091.

City Park:

The City Park is located at the end of N. College Street. There are 3 shelter houses equipped with picnic tables, and 2 of the shelters have bar-b-que grills. There is no charge for use of the shelter houses, however, donations to the park board are accepted and appreciated. Reservations are recommended to insure availability. To reserve a shelter house at the park, contact City Hall at 573-657-2091. The park is open to the public from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p. m. daily. Restrooms are closed during the winter months. Alcohol is not permitted in the park or on city property at any time.

Emergency Broadcast:

The Civil Defense siren is located near Broadway. It is used to alert persons outside of a pending emergency. It was originally built to warn of air raids. Now it serves more to warn of a threatening high wind or tornado event. Please seek shelter indoors and tune to KFRU Radio 1400AM or other local stations when you hear the siren. The siren is tested the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon.

To Report An Emergency To The City After Business Hours:

The following is a list of numbers to report to a city employee if Ashland City Hall is closed. We respectfully request that these numbers be used only in the case of an emergency.

Curtis Bennett, Utility Supervisor: 573-864-1310
Travis Davidson : 573-808-2373






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